Necklaces that share the same treatment can be used together or separately.  Enhances the usability of a necklace design and, in particular, this necklace listing at

The photos above show variations of ways to wear the square magnetic clasps that are used in most of these necklaces.  Heavier bead require a non-magnetic clasp.

Several necklaces can be mixed and matched so 1, 2 or 3 strands (or more) still work together.

Double or triple the length of a strand since each clasp can grab onto the negative or positive end of the next strand.

Variations for a necklace of 3 strands (colors a, b or c):

  1. a single
  2. b single
  3. c single
  4. ab pair
  5. bc pair
  6. ac pair
  7. abc together


Online catalog example — 2 Comments

  1. These are so cool, I had to go visit your Etsy shop! So many lovely thgins there! It’s nice to see someone working with sterling silver. I’ve been trying to add a bit more to my work, but not like I thought I would be doing a year or two ago! I love copper and brass too, but there’s something so special about sterling silver! Love your designs!

  2. Great tutorials for making diy jewelry, I love the ideas, How do you come up these ideas? Under the help of tips, I can make a shot surprise.

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